Rapid deployment, minimal downtime well servicing.


Smaller and faster than conventional workover rigs, they’re intelligently tweaked to speed up projects, without compromising safety.
We support oil and gas companies with the initial completion, flushby, work over, abandonments, snubbing and downhole intervention services.
Our overarching mission: to provide a safe, high quality, innovative and reliable service.

The XDR 75

This rig is a testament of Nitschke’s philosophy in action. Built to comply with Australian road regulations, the rig requires no ‘oversize’ permits when transported between well sites.

The rig’s unique, compact and self-contained design allows rapid deployment, fast setup over wells and easier access to difficult sites.
The automated, hands-free Catwalk pipe handling system – a component of the rig – is a feature that’s unique to Nitschke rigs. This system is the next evolution of the Safe-T-Sloop pipe handling system which won the 2014 National NSCA Award for Best Solution of a WHS Risk, for its design and development.
The unique compact and self-contained design allows us to move and setup fast, without access issues.

Along with excellent engineering, we optimise our scheduling by working closely with well owners, identifying how to optimise rig moves and minimise downtime.

We perform predictive failure analyses to determine which pumps are set to fail and service those wells ahead of time. We maintain a small, dedicated crew at all times – unlike large, imported rigs. For our clients, this means fewer hoops to jump through. Our services are strategically located throughout the country to reduce drive time, fatigue, accident rates and carbon emissions while improving responsiveness.

The NGX110

This rig and equipment package has set a new standard in the areas of safety, efficiency and productivity. Incorporating new innovative technology and equipment, with integrated push capability and a 50-tonne (110,000 lbs) top drive for increased rotary torque and efficiency.

The NGX110 rig package has been designed from the ground up to suit the Australian market and can move 365 days a year without restrictions.

The rig enhanced hands- free operations and efficient rig-up and rig down process provides safer systems of work.

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