Speed with safety, quality with mobility.

Successful operations in the oil and gas industry have to take a radical approach to safety. It has to come first, before productivity and profits.

Nitschke Energy’s zero-harm approach starts internally, with no occupational illnesses or accidents, spanning externally to our client’s businesses and the communities we exist in.

We protect our people first and foremost and innovate our engineering solutions to constantly improve productivity. With Nitschke Energy, you don’t have to choose between safety and efficiency.

We follow the latest WHS management systems.

ISO 45001:2015 is the industry benchmark to ensure safety within organisations. Nitschke Energy’s systems not only meet this standard, we aim to exceed it with constant tweaks to our processes, hazard control, risk assessment and incident reduction.

We engineer out risks, by manufacturing our own well servicing equipment. This allows us to provide a new level of safety, with the Nitschke trademark of customer service.

Even with half a century of experience, we remain a learning organisation. This means using case studies of accidents that happen in the industry and reviewing our processes, to prevent them from happening to us.

With a combination of safe systems, experience, cultural integrity and equipment, we prevent accidents and bottlenecks.

Nitschke Energy is a member of Safer Together, a member-led organisation of natural gas operators and contract partners, on a quest to elevate safety in our industry. This ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ approach allows us to implement changes fast and ensure everyone gets home safely.

Work with a team of well servicing operators who have reset the bar in terms of safety, cost, and efficiency. Make yours the best performing rig.

For more information about Safer Together visit their website.

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) Management.


Nitschke Energy’s processes showcase our marriage to no-harm: to our people and yours, the communities we exist in, and the environment. To that end, we’ve developed a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System that governs all our operations.

Led by our multi-disciplined HSEQ team, we set a program for behaviour in place demonstrating what it means to live a culture of safety. A clear set of standards runs across the entirety of our operations.

ISO 9001 is the leading global standard in quality management, and the basis for our principles of customer focus, leadership, and continuous improvement. Our systems and structures adhere to this benchmark. An indelible marker of our high-quality conduct.

Nitschke Energy systems meet the ISO 45001 Standard, however our aim is to go above and beyond what’s expected of us. As such, we invest in regular inspections, compliance audits, standards reviews, and the continuous improvement of quality management initiatives.

For a more detailed description of our Health and Safety Policy, download the full document (right).

We care about the land, not just what’s below it.

Following the standards outlined under ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, our policy (download below) aims to reduce waste, lower the consumption of energy, and use less materials.

We don’t take our role in the oil and gas industry lightly, nor do we think short-term. Our people ask the question, ‘what impact will this have’, instead of ‘what’s the quickest way to get this done?’

We understand our actions impact the world we all live in. At Nitschke Energy, we set out to ensure the effects are positive.

Nitschke Energy HSEQ Policies

View Health & Safety Policy | View Certificate of Approval

View Environmental Management Policy | View Certificate of Approval

View Quality Policy | View Certificate of Approval

A team focused on safety, cost and efficiency sound good to you?